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Register for the 2024 Competition!

Submit your design for a habitat on the Moon or Mars that can keep a crew alive and happy! The Space Colony Competition is open to any team of up to 6 elementary or middle school students. Learn about the challenges of living in space, research and design a colony, and build a 3D model using recycled materials. Then, upload a video and presentation for a chance to win prizes, get feedback from real STEM professionals, and compete with students around the world!

Below is the timeline and registration form. Questions? Contact us HERE.


Space Colony Competition Trailer

December 2022 Award Ceremony

  • 2:05 - Meet the Student Teams Highlights Reel

  • 4:50 - Meet the Judges

  • 10:10 - Highlights of Judge's Feedback Videos

  • 13:30 - Special Awards

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