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Better STEM Programs

For Better Tomorrows.

Resources for educators to take the STEM classroom to cosmic heights.

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Inspire your students!


Cosmic Career Chats connects students with real STEM professionals as they share their inspirations, motivations, and journey to a STEM career.


Our flagship program!


Used by educators in classrooms, libraries, and camps around the world! Space Club is a low-prep curriculum that is flexible for in-person and distance learning!

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The event of the year!

Compete with students around the world for a chance to win prizes! Teams learn about the challenges of living in space as they design a habitat that can keep a crew alive and happy.

Improving STEM education on a planetary scale!









Our Mission, is to build communities of support that empower educators to create transformative learning experiences through the lens of space exploration.

"Space Club will bring excitement, enjoyment, and a lot of learning to any classroom! If you are looking for a way for students of all abilities to be creative and learn about science and engineering this program is for you!"

Marlene in Brooklyn, New York

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